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In SaveTime Company, we offer a technology to easily choose, schedule, and manage an appointment in Barbers, Spa or Beauty Salons. With SaveTime, the clients spend less time on getting their requested services in organized and productive way. No matter where the client is, finding the right salon and book an appointment is enjoyable.

We strive to make people’s life easier and more productive by providing innovative technology that helps clients schedule their appointment and stores manage their business.

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The Smart Mirror in SaveTime comes as one of our latest technology that we improved to modernize the beauty centers and barber shops. Our goal to raise the level of barber salons of all kinds. The technology seeking to link the application with the salons in very efficient way to reflect the customer satisfactions in all levels.

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Does your business need online booking?! SaveTime is your target for your Business and you will be one step away from your goal.


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